Database error after server machine hosting TC crashed

The server machine that host my Teamcity Server crashed and now when I start up TC I get the following error below. How can I resolve it?

An error was encountered during TeamCity server startup

Attempt to start more than one TeamCity server connected to the same database.

Stacktrace copied!

jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.db.SecondTeamCityInstanceException:  Attempt to start more than one TeamCity server connected to the same  database.

   at jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.db.TeamCityDatabaseManager.lock(

   at  jetbrains.buildServer.rootDispatcher.TeamCityDispatcherServlet.processStartupServerInternal(

   at  jetbrains.buildServer.rootDispatcher.TeamCityDispatcherServlet.processStartupServerSafe(

   at jetbrains.buildServer.rootDispatcher.TeamCityDispatcherServlet.access$400(

   at jetbrains.buildServer.rootDispatcher.TeamCityDispatcherServlet$


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Hi Paul

This error usually means two TeamCity instances are started in parallel. Evaluate running processes.

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It that doesn't help, please tell me

  • your TeamCity version
  • OS
  • Database type and version
  • setup type (exe/gz/war)


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All the processes were not killed, the problem is resolved.


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