VCS Dependency

Hi all.

So I hope that someone has maybe done this, and can tell me how. If not, I think this would be a sweet new feature, and a easy one at that.

So here is my situation. I do builds and deployments with teamcity. So I have a setup like

Full Build

Deploy to Dev
Deploy to Qa
Deploy to UAT

All the deployments have a dependency on Full Build. They pass the VCS number to Full build, which builds the code, then it is deployed.  This works great. And I can run custom builds on any deployment build to make it bild from not the head revision in my VCS.

So.. what I think would be sweet, would be to add dependency on a VCS number.. So basiclly I could Tag it with "QA" and then when a Qa deploy was triggered it would get the revision number from the last tagged build with QA from dev. It would then build just like a custom build does, passing the correct revision number to Full Build.. Then QA could make a build for UAT.. etc etc.

Anyway, anyone know of a way to do this? If it can't be done, anyone know if it could happen in the future?

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