agents are still running under Java 1.5. It is recommended to upgrade Java to 1.6

Hi,   I get the message

agents are      still running under Java 1.5. It is recommended to upgrade Java to 1.6

after the upgrade to 6.5.2

What do I need to do?    Do I need to manually install 1.6?  Are there any instructions?


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Your agents are using Java that was bundled in .exe agent distribution that you install the agent with. Upon TeamCity server upgrade, the agent code is updated automatically, but not the Java files.

You can:
- run agent .exe installation on the agent machine to let it update the Java installation that agent uses.
- install Java on the agent and restart the agent - it should then detect it and suggest to restart using updated Java installation
- install Java on one of the agents and then  replace <build agent home>\jre with the content of installed JDK home directory. (If you do not have Java builds, you may install JRE instead of JDK).

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Michael Kuzmin I have recently moved TeamCity server from version 10.* to 2019.*. I still see jre is not upgraded on agents by default. Is there any way to do it from server itself?

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I'm afraid not. The same still holds true, if you need to upgrade java on the agents, you will need to upgrade it manually.


Please watch and vote for this request where we track interest in auto upgrading java as well on the agents:


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