How to add a custom tab to my build


I am building a Rails project and everything is working fine. I want to include the Code coverage report. I am doing this as a separate task in the build steps which does the code coverage and finally generates a html.

I want to show this as a separate tab in my build reports page. Unfortunately, my attempts to do so have failed. I was following the manual located here.

I see an entry being created in the config/main-config.xml like this.

<report-tab title="Koverage" basePath="/usr/braga/helloworld" startPage="braga.html" />

But still this does not help me showing the specific tab.


I am using TeamCity 6.0. What am I missing?? Please guide me.


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You need to make the build which does the code coverage report include's it as a artifacts so in the artifacts path should be the following

/usr/braga/helloworld/** => usr/braga/helloworld

Then it should work fine


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