TeamCity MSBuild/Visual Studio (sln) Does Not Build Silverlight Web Application


We have a Silverlight 4 application that we develop using Visual Studio 2010.  The solution consists of multiple projects, most of which are application code but one is the project that assembles the output of all the other projects into web application, i.e. it can be deployed to an IIS instance as a complete application.  This is where the XAP files are generated, dependent DLLs copied, and so on.

When I try to build the same application in TeamCity, everything compiles fine.  However, for reasons that I'm not clear on, the aforementioned project that generates the web application does not get built.  I suspect that Visual Studio is invoking some target that I need to specify in my TeamCity build configuration.

Any thoughts?

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There is a brilliant blog post series You're deploying it wrong! TeamCity, Subversion & Web Deploy.
Take a look at first part that discusses config transformations. I suspect you met a similar issue.



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