TC Upgrade *And* MySql Upgrade


I have TC 5.1.5 and will be upgrading to TC 6.5.3.  The TC 5.1.5 uses mysql 5.0.77r3.el5.  I plan to use mysql 5.1.52r1.el6_0.1.

Can my current database backups (created via the "Administrator" menu) be used to create my db on TC6.5.3? Or, do I have to upgrade mysql while still on TC5.1.5 and then upgrade TC afterwards?

Put another way, can I simply import the TC 5.1.5 backup data into TC6.5.3 even if TC uses a newer mysql?


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It became possible since version 6.0.
But because you're on TeamCity 5.1 then additional steps are required.
Recommended approach is to upgrade database first, then upgrade TeamCity.
Take a look at Upgrade Notes.



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