Configure Pre tested commits to be consistent across a team

I am trying to figure out the best way to get my team to use the pre-tested commit features in a more consistent fashion.

We use Visual Studio 2010. We would like to have a way of creating a configuration file for each different VS Solution so that changes we want to run in TeamCity pre-commit are run against the same builds for all developers?

Is this possible? We are currently using SVN but are looking to move to one of GIT or Mercurial.
We do this with Stylecop and just add a small piece to the project files to make it happen out of the box, with a stylecop.settings file next to the solution. We wondered if there was a similar approach or something else?

Any help would be welcomed!


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Andrew, thank you for your feedback!
First of all we do not support Git and (or) Mercurial in VS add-in now. Also we do not have such a plans in nearest future. Instead of this we ususally suggest our customers to use Remote Run on Branches trigger. In any cases please watch / vote for the related issues in our tracker (Mercurial, Git).
Regardness shared configuration of VS add-in. We do not have such option now. But seems it could be usefull. I created issue for this. Please watch / vote for it too.


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