Build promotion

Hi, I would like to know if there are any additional ways to set up a build promotion mechanism in addition to the one advertised in this post (item 2):
The aim is the same as advertised in the blog post, to promote artifacts to another build and have it use those artifacts for as long as artifact from another build are promoted in place of the first ones.
Are there any additional details regarding how this feature works?


Hi Simone

This post explains the feature quite completely - promotion is a way to pick a specific build when there is a dependent build but you want to start it manually.
Have you met any issues, or have some specific use case?



Well, I find that the feature, although with great potential of being useful, is somewhat unclear and dangerous.
For example, I think I noticed that once you promote the artifacts of a build to another build then the dependent build will always run with those specific artifacts. I'm not sure this is really the case, but I think these details deserve documentation since this is a definitive change you make to the relation between two builds (you cannot go back to taking always the latest version of some artifacts, for instance, and it's not apparent anywhere in the userr interface).
As I said I'm not sure this is really the behavior, I just thought I experienced it and was a bit worried about the implications, thus didn't promote it, but for the very same reason that what it is doing exactly is not so clear I think it needs more explanation and visibility on the UI.


Hello Simon,

Let me explain: build promotion affect only single run of dependent build. Once you click "promote" dependent build configuration with specific artifacts is queued. Any following runs of dependent build configuration (except for promotions, of course) must resolve artifacts as configured (last successfull, last pinned etc.).

Do you experience other behaviour? If so, could you please describe it, attach agent and server logs for promoted build and following dependent build runs?


Thanks for the clarification, Nikita. What I'm trying to state is that it's not really clear what this feature is doing. This is not a critique, rather I would like to point out that the name given to this feature has not been exploited as it should have been. As you are saying, this "promotion" seems to be really just a temporary artifact. To me promotion sounds like a more involved feature that, once a build is promoted, entails it may remain the same, in terms of dependency resolution, until a new one is promoted. This would really fit well in the build pipeline feature request that is being discussed quite a lot lately on the issue tracker.


Thank you very much for your feedback.
We will certainly discuss it while planning pipeline-related features.


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