Create one Build for each commit.

I have the follow configuration in my TeamCity:

  • 2 Projects and each project some build configurations

My problem is that whenever TeamCity is building a project and a new commit in "\Tag" is created (e.g: Tag-5.9.0 revision 533) this tag goes to the “Pending” list. If another commit in  "\Tag" is created (e.g: Tag-5.9.1 revision 539) I have now the two Tag’s in the Pending list.

What happens is that TeamCity will always compile the newest commit.

My output Folder was supposed to contain the follow folders:

  • C:\Deploy\Client\Version\Tag-5.9.0-rev.533
  • C:\Deploy\Client\Version\Tag-5.9.1-rev.539

However I have just the last committed Tag.

  • C:\Deploy\Client\Version\Tag-5.9.1-rev.539

Is there a way to force an individual build for each commit ??


Gabriel Aphonso


6.5.3 (build 17985)


Windows 7

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Not yet, please vote for feature request in TW-6996.
In previous thread we discussed some workarounds, but it does not give you strong guaranties.



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