bundle exec rack

I think I am missing something.

I have a project, a Rakefile and a Gemfile. In the Gemfile I have put all of the requires in as well so that I dont need to put require statements in my Rakefile. I have ticked the 'bundle exec' check box expecting that my Rakefile will be invoked which bundle exec. However this does not seem to work as errors are thrown because of various gems not being required. bundle exec rake works from the command line so I think I have set my project up correctly... Am I missunderstanding what is supposed to happen when this box is checked or just doing something stupid?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh and I do have my ruby environment configured to use the correct gemset and have made sure that bundle install has been run in a previous step.

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Hi Leon

I cannot reproduce this issue yet.

If that's still actual, please post a full build log and screenshot of Rake runner settings



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