Why doesn't like the "Ant JUnit report watcher" my JUnit-style report?

Hi folks,

our build tool produces a JUnit-style XML test report as part of a Maven2 build. I configured the job to pick up this XML Report. But TeamCity does not like the generated reports. It only says:

[11:14:23]: Ant JUnit report watcher
[11:14:23]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] /[...full path here...]/work/14000bd8d7af6fd3/target/test-output/results/*.XML: no files found

I'm sure that these report files do exist (named "test_export_report.XML" etc.)! I switched verbose output on for the XML Report thing, but it still says nothing more.

How can I figure out what's wrong with the XML report files? Does anybody know what kind of XML the XML Report plugin likes and what not?

-- Wolfram
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Could you post a full build log and example of produced XML report.


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Hi Michael, thanks for your reply! Heere are my logs etc.:

XML Report pattern is:

I am sure that XML test reports were generated at:
(I obfuscated our path to the build agent's home directory with letters PATH)
and contains:


  <testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="abc1115" id="1"
    name="1. CSV182 : import of NEW WohnungMiete Objects (/absolute/path/tests/suites/P52_NewCriteria/singletests/wohnungmietetest_csv182_exp_import.xml)"
    package="Importer Regression Tests" tests="1" time="?" timestamp="14.06.2011 14:20:14">
      <property name="MultimediaUpdatesValue" value="0" />
      <property name="GeocodingAttemptsValue" value="2" />
      <property name="GeocodingAttemptsExpected" value="-1" />
      <property name="ImportedRecordsExpected" value="2" />
      <property name="ImportedRecordsValue" value="2" />
      <property name="ChangedObjectsExpected" value="0" />
      <property name="ChangedObjectsValue" value="0" />
      <property name="MultimediaUpdatesExpected" value="0" />

      classname="1. CSV182 : import of NEW WohnungMiete Objects (/absolute/path/tests/suites/P52_NewCriteria/singletests/wohnungmietetest_csv182_exp_import.xml)"
      name="1. CSV182 : import of NEW WohnungMiete Objects (/absolute/path/tests/suites/P52_NewCriteria/singletests/wohnungmietetest_csv182_exp_import.xml)"

The build log starts with:

[08:33:16]: Checking for changes
[08:33:16]: Clearing temporary directory: /PATH/temp/buildTmp
[08:33:16]: Checkout directory: /PATH/work/14000bd8d7af6fd3
[08:33:16]: Updating sources: server side checkout...
[08:33:16]: [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Building incremental patch for VCS root: importer-tests (trunk)
[08:33:16]: [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Repository sources transferred
[08:33:16]: Ant JUnit report watcher
[08:33:16]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] Watching paths:
[08:33:16]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] /PATH/work/14000bd8d7af6fd3/target/test-output/results/*.XML
[08:33:16]: ##teamcity[buildNumber '14']
[08:33:16]: Using watcher: /PATH/plugins/mavenPlugin/maven-watcher/maven-watcher-agent.jar
[08:35:45]: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[08:35:45]: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[08:35:45]: [INFO] Total time: 2 minutes 28 seconds
[08:35:45]: [INFO] Finished at: Thu Jun 16 08:35:45 CEST 2011
[08:35:46]: [INFO] Final Memory: 166M/1290M
[08:35:46]: [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[08:35:46]: Process exited with code 0
[08:35:46]: Publishing artifacts
[08:35:46]: [Publishing artifacts] Paths to  publish:  [/PATH/temp/buildTmp/.tc-maven-bi/maven-build-info.xml.gz  => .teamcity]
[08:35:46]: [Publishing artifacts] Sending files
[08:35:46]: Surefire report watcher
[08:35:46]: Ant JUnit report watcher
[08:35:46]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] /PATH/work/14000bd8d7af6fd3/target/test-output/results/*.XML: no files found
[08:35:46]: Waiting for 2 service processes to complete
[08:35:46]: Publishing artifacts
[08:35:46]: [Publishing artifacts] Paths to publish: [teamcity-info.xml]
[08:35:46]: [Publishing artifacts] Sending files
[08:35:46]: Build finished

I can assure you, that I copied the path from the log ([Ant JUnit report watcher] ) and checked that there are my XML files! Does the plugin expect a special name (starting with "TEST-")?

-- Wolfram
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Hello, Wolfram,

Is the report produced during the build?
If it's not the plugin skips it as an out of date. To disable such behaviour you can specify "parseOutOfDate" configuration parameter as true.

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Yes, the reports are created during the build. If that was the case - where can I set configuration parameters to the plugin? On the adminstration page of an agent?
-- Wolfram

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Configuration parameters can be provided for a build configuration as described here .
We do not expect extra TEST- or something, so target/test-output/results/*.XML seems to be ok.
Please attach (or send via teamcity-feedback@jetbrains.com with link to this thread) <Build agent home>/logs/teamcity-agent.log with DEBUG level enabled (to enable DEBUG edit <Build agent home>/conf/teamcity-agent-log4j.xml) and full build log.
Thank you!

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... so target/test-output/results/*.XML seems to be ok.

But could you please however try:



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Thanks, I will send the files to your company's address. I'll come back later to this issue.
-- Wolfram

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Hi folks,

as my co-worker Robert already wrote in http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-17463 we've worked around this issue by generating a lowercase filename extension "xyz.xml" instead od "xyz.XML". So we can close this thread successfully.

Best regards,

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Thank you and Robert for creating the issue. Please vote for it.


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