Agent does not see System Environment Variables

I have environment variable  %PATH% specified for all users when I run simple batch script ("set path") using "Command Line" build step , I see variables only for particular user.
But then I run this script from cmd.exe - it works fine.
Is it expected behavior? Can I change it?
Thank you.

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are the build agent and interactive cmd.exe session started under the same user account?
If variables were changed recently, you need to restart agent service to refresh its environment.

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Then I login use this account ,open cmd.exe and run "set path" I see all paths (System+User) but then I run this command from build step I see only user part of PATH variable.
On "Agent.Environment Variables" page ("agentDetails.html?id=1&tab=agentParameters&kind=env") I see the same.
Screenshots attached.

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thank you for detailed explanation.
Unfortunately this is a bug in a service wrapper we use to launch build agent process.
It's filed in TW-2266, please vote.

As a workaround I could suggest to delete user-level variable and list all paths on system level.


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It works! Thank you. It was very strange workaround. :)


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