teamcity is not running rspec tests in mixed rspec/test:unit rails project

Teamcity does not run the rspec examples in my project.

I've defined a ci task:

namespace :ci do

  desc "Prepare for CI and run entire test suite"

  task :build do







When run on the command line it runs all of the rspec specifications.

When run on teamcity, I see only this:


[06:22:36]: [Execute ci:build] Invoke spec
[06:22:37]: [Invoke spec] (first_time, not_needed)
[06:22:37]: [Execute ci:build] Invoke test (1m:59s)
[06:22:37]: [Invoke test] (first_time)

This project has a mix of test:unit, rspec, shoulda, coulda, you name it.

Rails 3.0
Ruby 1.9.2

Thank you.

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I realized I did not have rspec in my Gemfile test group. Once added, my specs started running.



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