Build Triggering?

We have a build server set up in Linux (Amazon AMI) that is using version 6.5.4 build 18046.

It seems like for some reason our builds are not being triggered appropriately when the VCS triggering or "on build finish" triggering is used.

I'm not sure why, this seems to have just started happening after a reboot of the build server.  We use 2 external agents, none running on the linux box.

I know this is a pre-release version of 6.5, I believe we upgraded to it due to some memory issues we were having in the hopes it would help with "out of memory" errors.

Any ideas what we should be looking for to understand why builds aren't being triggered?  I'm not seeing anything obvious in the log.


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Build 18046 is in fact the official release build. Could you please describe your settings in VCS triggers? teamcity-server.log can help too.

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The issue seems to have resolved itself after a few reboots and some manual cleanup of some folders as referenced in some other of your support blog/community posts.  I can't seem to remember where the posts were that I found, so sorry for not referencing them here.  Basically there was a post somewhere that said to delete the bt* folders under some plugins path and that might clear it up.  That didn't seem to work at first, but then after a reboot it seemed to start working again, so I don't know if that fixed the problem or something else did...


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