Web server performance - build commiters cache taking very long

I have noticed a few questions related to this in the forums. Unfortunately they all die at some point with requests for thread dumps. So here we go again...

We recently upgraded from TC 6 to 6.5. For some reason it takes approx. 2 hours to build up the build commiters cache:

[2011-10-06 16:37:30,762]   INFO -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Start loading cache of build committers... 
[2011-10-06 18:28:39,996]   INFO -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Done loading cache of build committers

This is way too long. I would like to know what factors cause this cache to be slow. Getting a thread dump is difficult at this point because we do not have access to the web server UI. We have over 70 registerred users (probably about half of them active) and over 100 build configurations (most of them will build 10 - 20 times during a day, often in bursts caused by changes to shared code). Also, we are still using the internal database.

Now I would like to understand if this is a recommended scenario. Some of the other questions in the forum related to this cache have much less users and less activity, so I would think that if they have this problem it would not be related to cray load on the web server.

Btw, the actual build load is not a problem as we have a batch of agents taking care of that. It seems that the web server itself is turning into a bottleneck for us, and my guess is that it's related to the database type. Then again, it worked nicely before our upgrade to 6.5...

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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2 hours is of course an issue. There are lots of TeamCity installations way larger then you describe, so this should be investigated in detail.

We would still appreciate a set of thread dumps covering the time. You can try to take the thread dumps by one of the described methods.

We would definitely recommend to migrate off internal database.

Database type can also be an issue with performance.

How large are your database files ( .BuildServer\system\buildserver.*  ) ?


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