automating backups without stopping

Hello, I am wanting to create a Scheduled Task to backup using maintainDB.  I am using Team City 6.5.4 on Windows Server 2008 with PostGreSQL db.  However the documentation at

says: "Before starting data backup you need to stop TeamCity server."

Really?  It seems very strange because I can do backup using the web interface while TC is running -- isn't maintainDB doing the same thing?  Indeed I have tried using maintainDB backup while the services are running and while builds are happening, and it seems to create a .zip file just fine.

I do not want to shut down the services in order to do a backup: (1) it is extra scripting to write, so more things to go wrong such as bringing the services back up; and (b) TeamCity will have downtime.

Please advise what will go wrong if trying to use maintainDB backup while the services are still running.  Is the only issue that current activity won't be backed up?


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Hello Brad,

You can trigger backup like the one from the web UI via REST API.

Backup with maintainDB requires server stopping as the tool cannot consider server state when doing the backup.


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