VCS build triggering patterns in Teamcity 6.0.1


In our Teamcity (6.0.1 - build:15816), I am trying to setup VCS triggering patterns to exclude path of the source tree.

Source tree:

     |- product
          |- src
          |- build.artifacts


In the above structure, we are trying to exclude files withing build.artifacts/**. The rule which I use is as follows,


The build does not trigger for changes in product/src/** even though TC detects and list the changes which have occured. Also note that, our build script perform the checkouts and we have set "no checkouts" for VCS checkout mode.

Can anyone please provide some guidance as to why the build does not trigger?



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The issue was resolved, I was being impatient about my changes. After we change the VCS root path settings, it needs to run a set of build so that the pending changes reflect the changed directory structure.

Once the directory structure listed in the changeset was as per the VCS root changes, the build triggering is working consistently with trigger rules.

- Rahul


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