VCS Roots and Child configurations update frequency


We have a vast source code repo in svn and would like to add the root into TeamCity, but we worry that deriving from that root would mean that it is the root that does a full svn update, which would be rather vast process continuously. Is there a way to configure the update frequency instead at the project level and not do it at the root level?

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Hello Andre,

"Changes Checking Interval" can only be configured per-VCS root. This is because if the VCS root is used in several build configuraitons, TeamCity operations with the repository are bound to the VCS root, not build configuraitons.
So if you definitely need to use different checking for changes interval, you can define several VCS roots. Please note that "checking for changes" does not envolve checkout, only retrieving commits data from the Subversion.

If you want us to recommend appropriate configuraiton, can you please describe details of your setup? Do you use Subversion externals? How complex do you expect checkout rules to be in the build configuraitons?


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