Extra quote in Rake TESTOPTS build step

I've successfully been using a Rake build step in my configuration which passes a TESTOPTS option in the "Additional Rake command line" field:


However, I now want to add a second option to the Rake TESTOPTS field. When I run rake manually, at the command line, I use the following syntax, using double quotes to encapsulate both options:

rake <task> TESTOPTS="-v --name=<...>"

This works fine at the command line.

But, when I use this same syntax in my TeamCity build step, the step fails. Looking at the build log I see TeamCity seems to add an extra quote before the TESTOPTS keyword - which presumably causes rake to fail:

Starting: C:\Ruby\bin/ruby.exe  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\rake-runner\lib\rb\runner\rakerunner.rb  --rakefile C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\ae1edd57fba32e1c\QA\Rakefile  "TESTOPTS="-v --name=/test(?!.*_n$)/"

Why is this extra quote being added? I've tried several combinations of quotes to 'counter' TeamCity, but i've consistently failed.

Any suggestions is appreciated


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Hi Michael,

What version of TeamCity do you use?

You may try to use

TESTOPTS=\"-v --name=/test(?!.*_n$)/\"

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Hello, Michael,

When using java process running API it's not always possible to control the actuall program parameters values that are passed to an executable.
For examaple, Java treats key=" the value" parameter as unquoted (due to staring quote miss) and quotes it once more.

Did you try specifying this parameter as "TESTOPTS=-v --name=/test(?!.*_n$)/" (put whole value in double quotes)?

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Thanks Victory and Vladislav for your responses

Here are the results from your suggestions:

Build Parameter
Build Log Result
TESTOPTS="-v --name=/test(<...>)/" "TESTOPTS="-v --name=/test(<...>)/" Extra quote added in front of TESTOPTS - Fail
TESTOPTS=\"-v --name=/test(<...>)/\" TESTOPTS=\"-v --name=/test(<...>)/\ Tail quote removed - Fail
"TESTOPTS=-v --name=/test(<...>)/" "TESTOPTS=-v --name=/test(<...>)/" No change to build parameter, and Rake ran correctly - Worked

So - it looks like putting quotes around the whole phrase worked - thank you.

I am still curious why TeamCity would manipulate the quoting around the build parameters, though. It seems this is unexpected behavior.
I am running TeamCity version 6.5.3

thanks again,

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Glad to hear that the workaround helped you in this case.
Arguments quoting is a knows issue in TeamCity (concerns not only Rake runner) covered by http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-7964. Please vote for it and watch progress.


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