Prompting for SSH password when triggering a build

Dear community,

for a TeamCity build, we are looking for a way to execute commands via SSH from the agent on a remote server (i.e. during a deployment build plan). As we do not want to store the SSH user credentials in a configuration file on the agent or as build parameter in the build plan, we are looking for a way to prompt for the password at the time the build is triggered (the build will be triggered manually). In addition, the password should not end up in the list of build parameters in the build history, but should only be available as a property to this single build during runtime (like a "transient" build parameter)

Does anyone know about a way to achieve this? Is there any plugin available that provides this functionality? Or how do you deal with the issue, when you want to execute a command from the agent on a remote server via SSH? Of course, SSH private/public key authentication with trusted keys is an option for some environments, but not, if the deployment should go to a production server (we don't want to use private keys without password in such situations ...)

Thank you very much for your input!

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Hi Christian

Please vote for this feature request in TW-759.
Also there is a couple of workarounds suggested in this thread.


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