MSBuild runner is not building my VS 2010 project according to the solution's build order.

This is a very large solution, which contains 117 projects (I know it is large, but I cannot break the solution apart).  It builds fine in Release and Debug mode, but I can tell by the TC build log that the solution is not building in the same order specified in Visual Studio.  There are projects being built before other projects that they have a dependacy set for.  This is bad.  I have rolled out TC in 3 different companies but never had it do something like this before.  What do I do?  I cannot go in a hard code a list of projects to the order they should build in.  That would be a nightmare to maintain.  That is the only thing I have seen as a possible solution to the issue, but hard coding a build order is not really a solution.  It is a workaround only suitable for super small solutions.

I would really appreciate any help on this.

(Sorry to recreate this thread, but I forgot to mark it as a question)
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TeamCity calls MSBuild to buold your solution, and its behavior differs form Visual Studo IDE (devenv.exe).
Can you reproduce the issue if msbuild is started manually from command line?


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