TeamCity basics.

We are very new to this.
We installed TeamCity on a windows server machine. As per documentation, it installed the server and one build agent.

1. Does this need to have VS installed on the server machine to work? Because I tried to download VS plug in from web UI and we did not have VS installed on the server. But I would imagine the plugin to be installed on a local developer I right?
2. In general what softwares are required to be installed on the TeamCity server machine for this to work properly.
3. What about developer machines (local machines) they require an agent or plugin installed?
We use TFS for version control.. Anything that we are missing ?

Thank you for the help.

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It's quite late response, but anyway.

TeamCity agents make builds calling MSBuild tool. usually you don't need to have Visual Studio installed there, and .NET Framework is enough.
But MSBuild lacks some functionality of Visual studio, for example it cannot build setup projects. In such cases full Visual Studio is required on build agent machine.

IDE plugins are not required to set up continuous integration - TeamCity server communicates with Version Control Systems directly. But these plugins provide our unique pre-tested commit functionality.

TeamCity consists of multiple components, many of them have their own system requirements. Please look Supported Platforms and Environments page.

Please let me know if you still have any other questions.



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