triggering a build with set dependencies by script for regression testing

long title but it should sum it up

We do nightly testing as a build that runs a large test on the latest application and library build outputs containing the group of perforce checkins that happened in that 24 hours.  If there is a performance/functionality regression then we can run by hand that same test on each application build output since there is a build for each checkin triggered.  The web interface allows us to select those builds as dependencies, but I would like to automate this in a script (or plugin?).  I have found the HTTP interface and the REST API but I can't find how to specify the depenendency, such as a changelist number, so inseatd it always uses the latest build dependencies.

How can one specify the dependency version for script automation?

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I have been studying the Triggering a Custom Build, but I can not figure out the way to specify a dependency's version.  I have tried using various variabls but I can't find the right one that influences the dependency's version.  I see there are methods to tag builds, but I don't see a way to have a new build use a tagged dependency.  I also cannot find any details about the modificationId and I wonder if like the variables it these parameters just do not include the dependencies in their scope.

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Sorry for late response.

You could try a query like this:


where first parameter if a number of build configuration you're going to run, and second one is "internal id" of finished build that contains artifacts.

But it's a kind of unofficial/unsupported hack, please test it carefully.


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