Disable build step on dependencies?

Is it possible to disable a build step if a build is being run as a dependency of another?
I'll describe my situation, as that might be a bit clearer...

I have 2 configurations, call them "compile" and "compile+test".  Each of them has a single build step to do the main bit of work.
I also want to include a second build step that sends emails depending on statistics generated during the earlier step.
If I add the email step to both configurations there will be the situation where "compile+test" generates 2 sets of emails, with the "compile+test" email repeating the contents of the "compile" email (plus some extra things).

Is there any way to detect when "compile" is being build as a dependency, and so disable the email build step?

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there is a similar feature request in TW-18503, but I suppose there should be easier way to solve this problem.

Do you compile the same sources twice in these configurations? can you reuse binaries by artifact dependencies?

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We do compile the same sources.  The simple compile is just that, and the compile+test also includes lint, unit tests and some other code quality tools.  For this reason I don't think we can reuse binaries.

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Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the reasons.
Both configurations has a compilation step. Second configuration has additional tasks.
Is the first step identical in both builds? Do you use the same or different compiler options there, like debug/release profiles?


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