6.5.5 bug?

I've just updated to 6.5.5 and our build that implements the duplicate finder option for our C# source files has started to fail with the error:

dupFinder: Invalid option 'output'. Error: Output file is not specified

To my knowledge nobody has touched anything in the configuration settings either in this build or the project it belongs to, so is this a bug that's been introduced in 6.5.5?

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Same problem here.

[16:05:08]: Step 3/8: Duplicates finder (.NET)
[16:05:08]: [Step 3/8] Starting:  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnet-dupfinder\bin\dupfinder.exe  --show-stats --show-text --discard-cost=70 -i .\Backend\Source\AppServer.sln  -o 05A1B22A-DE6E-49ae-AA30-DC52A074EF22\result.xml
[16:05:08]: [Step 3/8] in directory: E:\BuildAgent\work\51d3cfa71546cb3d
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] JetBrains Duplicates Finder for .NET
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] Running in 64-bit mode, .NET runtime 2.0.50727.5448 under Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] dupFinder: Invalid option 'output'. Error: Output file is not specified
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] Try `dupFinder /help' for more information.
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] Process exited with code 1
[16:05:09]: [Step 3/8] Step Duplicates finder (.NET) failed
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Thank you for the report.
I've confirmed the issue and filed TW-18784.

Please watch for the issue, we'll provide a status update tomorrow.


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We have fixed the issue. Please download updated version of the plugin.


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