Use cases for Project and for Configuration


I am using TeamCity for building a .NET application that is composed of several tiers (layers).

Currently i have created 1 build with 2 different configurations: CI build (very short, < 1 minute) that builds all layers and runs unit tests, and another one that does the same, with a few other things (coverage, build MSI installer).

My question is - when is it recommended to use a project and when to use a configuration?

For example, should i build all 3 layers of our product (which are not really related per se) as 1 project or as 3 distinct projects?

What are the best practices you found for building medium-big projects?


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Consider projects as containers that group related configurations together.
For small and simple cases you can use a project per product.
In large deployments people (and JetBrains too) set up a project per product version, and clone them after each feature release.



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