Unable to select build to verify in IDEA

I'm using TC 6.5.4 with IDEA 9.0.4

When I select a change set to "Remote Run", I have two different build configs for my project.  I can't select individual builds to remote run.  I can use the selct all or unselect all button and it checks all or none appropriately.  I've had to start doing the remote run agains both configs and then cancelling the one I don't want.  Any thoughts?


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Hi Adam,

This issue is already fixed, you can find it in our tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-17298.
Your version of TC server must already contain this fix, but seems you use the old version of TC plugin for IDEA.
Please choose "TeamCity -> Update Plugin" item in IntelliJ IDEA menu to load the new version of plugin from your server. I think, it will solve the problem.


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