Generating Build Number from Multiple VCS roots

I have a build configuration which includes 4 different VCS roots - a main development source code root and several supporting library development roots.
I would like to generate a build number that includes the SVN revision number for the greater of all four of these VCS roots - so it's easy to tell what change triggered the build. From what I have discovered, TeamCity only lets you pick one VCS root to generate the build number from. I've picked the main development source code root, for now - but it gets confusing in the build history when someone commits a change to one of the library files and this project's SVN revision build number doesn't change.

Are there any workarounds or plugins that would allow my configuration to dynamically pick the highest revision number from all the VCS root for the configuration?

Any suggestions appreciated


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Hi Michael

This is too complex task for GUI, but you can do it within a build script.
Revisions for all VCS roots are available as build.vcs.number.<simplified VCS root name> properties (see Predefined Build Parameters for details).
Custom build number can be set using a service message or via teamcity-info.xml.


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