Can I use VCS Root Checkout Rules to take two copies of the source code?


Can I use VCS Root Checkout Rules to take two copies of the source code?

Our java enterprise includes almost two hundred jar/sar/war projects.
Each is in StarTeam as separate projects. Each has six team Views and a Root View.

The builds get so complicated that dependencies are a problem. We want to checkout all the source code from perhaps fifty projects to both a common shared buildAgent/work/<guid>/src directory AND to unique project by project directories. Then we can run one compile against the common shared src directory to produce a common shared class library. This big class library can then be used in the classpath for the smaller individual jar/sar/war builds. This technique will avoid dealing with dependencies except to the extent that all dependent projects are in scope, but the order does not matter.

The best that I can tell, each VCS Root has one set of Checkout rules. The documentation on Checkout rules states that the most specific rule is the one that gets executed. TO me, this implies that I cannot put our java src to two different locations from one VCS Root. To me I will have to duplicate my VCS roots, one checking out to the common shared src folder, the other checking out to the unique project src folder.

Please tell me if you can think of a way to get two copies of java src from StarTeam without duplicating VCS Roots.

Sincerely, Joe Kahl

Tampa, Florida

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