Configuring NCover for NUnit

A customer using TeamCity 6 set up a build step for NUnit with .NET Code Coverage for NCover (3.x).  Using all the default settings for NCover, customer gets the following error in the build log:

[09:37:16]: [Step 4/4] NCover Complete v3.3.2 x86 (Administrator)
[09:37:16]: [Step 4/4] License Key: XYZ
[09:37:16]: [Step 4/4] Registered to Customer #: 123 for 3 Machines
[09:37:16]: [Step 4/4] The executable can not be located at: Files\JetBrains\TeamCity\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\tmp167D.tmp
[09:37:16]: [Step 4/4] Process exited with code 20000

Customer also tried putting full path to NCover in 'Path to NCover 3:', but got the same error.

I can't reproduce this problem on my TeamCity server, but why is TC looking for the NCover exe in the Build Agent temp folder? Does it copy the files there at runtime?

Any suggestions?


NCover Support

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TeamCity 6.0 had an issue with spaces in filenames (see TW-15493 for details), so  first part of full path was lost.
It was fixed in version 6.5.
As workaround you can move agent's temp folder to alternate location like c:\temp\
it can be configured in \Program Files\JetBrains\TeamCity\BuildAgent\conf\ file, tempDir property.



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