JIRA Interaction with Agent Side Plugin


I'm looking to retrieve all the JIRA issues since the last pinned/tagged build from TeamCity, then set the fix version for those issues in JIRA. Would this be possible on an agent side plugin, as I do not have access to the server side and what would be the best way to go about this? My initial idea is to use REST to access the relevant data and fields in TeamCity and JIRA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Admin rights on TeamCity server are required to deploy any kind of plugins. Even if plugins'code is executed on agent side, it should be deployed to the server, and then distribured to agents from there.
But using REST API you could develop an external application that communicates with TeamCity by pure HTTP calls.

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Thanks for your reply. Out of curiosity, can the agent side plugin be made exclusive to a particular agent with other agents having no visibility of the plugin?

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List of plugins is equal on all the build agents.
Any local modifications will be cleaned at next agent restart - that allows us to simplify maintenance of agent infrastructure, and upgrade them automatically.

As I understand your task - it's integration between TeamCity and Jira servers. It's not directly related to build execution, so there is no need to execute it within build agent process.
Our own product - YouTrack does the same by just polling TeamCity every minute.



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