CSC error CS2001: Source file 'myfile.cs' could not be found

Hi All,

I am using TeamCity Professional 6.5.1 (build 17834).

I have a number of builds which have starting getting the following compilation errors :

CSC error CS2001: Source file 'myfile.cs' could not be found

There may be several of these during a compilation.

They are builds which connect to TFS 2010 as the version control have a VCS checkout mode of 'Automatically on server' and have a Visual Studio 2010 Build Step.

Obviously for whatever reason some files are not ending up on the build agent hence the error but I cannot figure out why.

I have tried the 'Clean all files before build', 'Enforce overwrite all files' and have manually deleted the cache folder on the server.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Hi Kevin

Please check this file actualy exists in the repository, and you can access it by Team Explorer.
If so, please post teamcity-vcs.log


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I am also facing similar issue.

In my case I am using link inside a project with relative path.


     <Compile Include="..\BuildResources\CommonAssembly.cs">






Following is the build error receiving from teamcity: 

  • CSC error CS2001: Source file 'C:\BuildAgent\work\12e5033e0ef0f0bf\TestApp.Data\..\BuildResources\CommonAssembly.cs' could not be found.

instead of including file from C:\BuildAgent\work\12e5033e0ef0f0bf\BuildResources\CommonAssembly.cs,   teamcity is trying to use location  'C:\BuildAgent\work\12e5033e0ef0f0bf\TestApp.Data\..\BuildResources\CommonAssembly.cs'


How we can fix this issue ? 


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