Grouping of Build Types within a Project?

Is there a way of showing Build Types within a Project as a group?

We have just moved over from using Jenkins which did provide this feature and some of the users are asking for it to be replicated.

Here is a screenshot of what we used to have:


The equivalent view in Teamcity is quite 'flat' once you get into a Project:

The grouping would really be just for the project view and overall list of all builds -- could this be acheived with a Teamcity plugin?

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Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to support build configurations grouping.
Related feature requests in our issue tracker: TW-6377, TW-15212.

As to plugin, it is possible to add your own page with the grouping you need. "Changing" existing pages can probably be only achieved via JavaScript/client redirect or content replace.

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Hi Yegor,

Thank you for the info. I may end up implementing this as a plugin with its own new 'view' page, depending on how important the feature actually is to our user who requested it :)




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