Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate or Windows 2008 Server as Host OS for TeamCity

Hi all,

I'm in need to run TeamCity in a virtual machine and i was wondering wich of those two OS will be better for running TeamCity. That is, mainly, in terms of resource management and continuous integration tasks performance.

Also, I'd like to know if some one can advice me about the restrictions or limits each choice have regarding TeamCity features (i.e. in the manual Windows Server is not listed in the OS that supports Build Stopping)

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Nick

In our case there is no difference. TeamCity works the same way on both client and server editions of Windows OS.
Usually we do not perform complete regression testing for TeamCity build agents working on Windows Server - that's why it's not listed in "Build Agents" section.
But there are no known issues that are specific for Windows Server, but do not relate to Windows clients.

For common performance recommendations, take a look at these articles:
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