TeamCity 20 build configurations what does it mean exactly ?


I'm willing to purchase TeamCity for my startup company and I need to know the actual limitations.

So, what does 20 build configurations mean exactly ? I know what it mean literrally but what does it mean in practice ?

Does these 20 build configurations are limited to all our projects or is it configured per project ?

Should I ever need to upgrade it to enterprise, can I do that ? or I need to pay the full price for it again ?

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The limitation of 20 build configurations is independent of the number of projects you have established.  It could be 20 configurations for one project, or 1 configuration for each of 20 projects, or any combination in between.

This limit applies to the Professional Edition, which is free of charge.  If you need to exceed 20 configurations, you will need to purchase the Enterprise Edition, which permits an unlimited number of configurations.

I get around the 20 limitation by having two independent copies installed on separate machines :D

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Thank you for the kind reply. :D

silly me! lol... I didn't know it's free haha...


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