Trash configuration parameters

Today after some tiny changes in build configuration (change build step) I found some trash on configuration parameters.
This are last two parameters

Name Value
profile_name teamcity.conf edit delete
{_tmppath}/ <value is required> edit undeletable
{version}- <value is required> edit undeletable

As you can see, this parameters are undeletable, so I have no idea how to remove it, also as I have no idea there they come from. This ruins my build configuration, because TC cannot find compatible build agent, all agens have

Unmet requirements:

  • {_tmppath}/ exists
  • {version}- exists

What I have to do with that?

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Most likely somewhere in your build configuration settings you have references like this: %{_tmppath}/% and %{version}-%.

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Yes, this advice worked for me. 


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