Why are my artifacts not cleaning up?

I have just turned on artifacts for one of our build configurations. There has been abot 15 builds since setting this up and I can get even the first build's artifacts even though I thught I configured the cleanup to hold only the last 10 builds.
Here is the cleanup configuration text:

Clean everything more than 60 days older than the last build

Clean artifacts older than the 10th successful build
Other items are kept forever

Prevent dependency artifacts cleanup

The cleanup has run automatically overnight and I have just run it manually.

I don't have any dependency builds (that I'm aware of - I'd have to set that up, right?).

The artifacts configuration is in a template shared by a few build configurations.

What am I missing?



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Sorry - I think this was just because there were some failed builds - now that there has been enough successful build the cleanup removes the oldest artifacts as expected.


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