How does TeamCity decide to set BUILD_VCS_NUMBER?

I have setup a build config using CVS w/o server or agent checkout and am using BUILD_VCS_NUMBER to update the sandbox to the right date. I'm noticing some strange behavior though. The build starts at 11:36:11 but the BUILD_VCS_NUMBER is set to a date which is about 40min earlier, which isn't a magic number that I recognize from anywhere else. Is that supposed to be the quiet time?

[11:36:11]: Checking for changes
[11:38:32]: Clearing temporary directory: <path>
[11:38:32]: Ant JUnit report watcher
[11:38:32]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] Watching paths:
[11:38:32]: [Ant JUnit report watcher] <path>
[11:38:32]: Checkout directory: <path>
[11:38:33]: Publishing internal artifacts (22s)
[11:38:49]: [Publishing internal artifacts] Sending file
[11:39:05]: Starting: <paths>
[11:39:05]: in directory: <path>
[11:39:16]: build (7m:34s)
[11:39:44]: [antcall] cvs-update (7s)
[11:39:51]: [cvs-update] echo
[11:39:51]: [echo] Updating to Tue Dec 15 10:55:05 EST 2011

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