Performance Issues on TC 6.5.6 after upgrade from 6.0.1

My TC 6.5.6 server running on Tomcat 6.0.33 as a WAR in the webapps folder of Tomcat is running horribly slow after upgrade from TC 6.0.1 running on Jboss 5.1.
I am reusing the same Oracle schema and the TC 6.5.6 is running on a new machine solaris server zone. The TC 6.0.1/JBoss 5.1 was running on a Linux server zone.
The logs show no errors and it takes up to 20 seconds to load the agents screen even though there is only 11 agents. The overview screen also takes a while to load.
The new solaris server zone has 16GB RAM and  I have TEAMCITY_SERVER_MEM_OPTS set to  -Xmx1300m -XX:MaxPermSize=200m and JAVA_OPTS set to
-Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m. What can I do to optimize TC, Tomcat and Oracle to improve performance? TC is running
35 projects and 147 configuration so performance shouldn't be an issue and TC 6.0.1 was performing with no performance issues.  

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We need several thread dumps taken while the server is slow. Your memory settings seems to be ok, and TeamCity should work fast in your environment.


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