MSBuild v4.0.30319 blows up when given /logger:MSBuildLoggers.dll parameter in arguments

TeamCity Enterprise Version 7.0 EAP (build 20334)
MSBuild v4.0.30319
OS: Windows XP SP3

Hi all,
I've configured a project in TeamCity with a build step Visual Studio (sln).

The build step executes the following command (broken into 3 lines for viewing convenience)




MSBuild crashes with internal .NET error in clr.dll (error code 80131506).

I've saved temp files ( *.tcargs and *.sln.teamcity) to reproduce the problem locally, and it turns out everything builds fine if I remove the /logger parameter from *.tcargs:


I've checked that logger plugin dll exists.

Attaching complete *.tcargs file. Also attaching diag.txt, which is output of MSBuild when run without problematic /logger: parameter and with additional /verbosity:diag

Googled that kind of problem, no luck. Appreciate any hints on this. :x

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Thankyou for report.

Do you see any crashdump or .NET stacktrace of the failure.

Could you please add environment variable 'teamcity.agent.dotnet.debug' with value 'true' in "Properties and Environment variables" section of build configuration administraction and run the build once more. Under agent's temp folder you'll find buildTmp/TeamCity.NET folder with logs, please attach them as well.

Do you use any custom tasks for MSBuild?

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The same issue is discussed at
Please vote for it


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