How to configure PMD and IDEA with teamcity 6.0.3


I am very new  to teamcity and i have some queries about configuring the project with build configuration.I would be great, if someone can respond to this.

My build configuration uses "Maven" as build runner.

I have three questions which need an answer

1. I have to configure PMD and IDEA with the Maven build. How can i do this?

  • Below are the steps before asking for a help for configuring PMD
    • I am specifying assuming that the report will be stored in the checkout directory.
    • Verbose output true.
    • Maximum limit = 0
    • Warnings limit = 0.

2. If I configure PMD like above steps, how teamcity knows what to check?
3. I have not used IntelliJ IDEA for code coverage, If i have to use IDEA together with teamcity and need to know, how much code has been covered in each build, what steps i have follow to configure IDEA.

Please help with the steps that needs to taken while configuring PMD and IDEA.


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