Build Configurations for Git Branches

I have a project where the source control is Github and I would like to create a build configuration for different branches.
Right now I have TeamCity working great with the master branch, but I am not sure what to use for the "Clone Repository To" and "Checkout Directory" fields for the new branch.

Currently for the master branch, I have "E:\Clone\MyProject.git" as the "Clone Repository To" field and "E:\Checkout\MyProject" for the "Checkout Directory".

Since I want another build configuration for "OtherBranch" should I change the Master build "Clone Repository To" to be "E:\Clone\MyProject\Master.git" and "Checkout Directory" to "E:\Checkout\MyProject\Master"?

Then for the OtherBranch have "E:\Clone\MyProject\OtherBranch.git" and "E:\Checkout\MyProject\OtherBranch" for the Clone and Checkout directories respectively?


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We recommend to leave both these settings blank and let the server to select directories for you automatically.

Alternate repository location may be required if you need to put it on separate disk. Specific checkout directory is used if build scripts have file paths hardcoded.
Don't specify them until you have a reason for that.


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If I wanted to put the repository on a HDD, and run the build from a SSD, would this be the kind of scenario where I would use these settings?

Would the .git folder be copied from the alternate repository directory to the checkout directory?

We are using TC 6.

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Also, would the copy from repository directory (eg. a HDD on D:) to checkout directory (eg. a SSD on E:) use TC's patching mechanism, or would it be a full **/* copy every time the build is run?


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