Help! All IntelliJ IDEA Users Unable To Do Remote Build On TeamCity


The title pretty much describes it.  The TC plugin for remote build submission no longer works for my whole user community.  This was working as of about a week ago.  TeamCity has not changed.  The subversion repository has not changed.  Finally, the IDEA version has not changed.  We are Windows-base (mostly Win7).  Our TeamCity version is TeamCity Enterprise 6.5.4 (build 18046). The IDEA version is 10.5.x, (some 10.5.3, some 10.5.4).

So, with that in mind:

   1) What message(s) will prove TC and the plugin are communicating? That is to say, what messages should be there if things are working?
   2) Do the plugin log messages have a common prefix or format (e.g. "RemoteBuildXX" ) we should expect?
   3) Which debug(s) should we turn on to get better diagnostics?
   4) Which log on the TC server would have the plugin messages?

Thanks for your help,

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We found the issue.  Many thanks to Pavel Sher (who was working on a holiday) at JetBrains for his help.

Here is the salient point:

According to logs TeamCity tries to find VCS root on the server suitable for these paths:

Is it possible that your subversion server has changed its id (I suppose this is the new one: ef12b8d8-8b0c-40c8-b26f-aba45b024271) ?
If so, please try to restart TeamCity server.


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