VCS URL couldn't connect from local machine

Hi all.

I already had MS Visual studio 2008 integrated with Visual SVN and now, I have installed Teamcity 6.5.x on my local machine and was trying to build configurations. But my SVN repository is in the server. When i gave URL in VCS root SVN connection settings, it is displaying an error like as the URL path is locating Server.

Test connection failed
Unable to open repository.

Is there any other way to connect to my repository location from team city installed on local machine by using any addin's??


Do I need to Install Teamcity on the Server ????

Anil Kolla.

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Can I get a reply as soon as possible please..!!

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I do not quite follow your setup.

You need to install TeamCity server and configure build configurations to checkout from your Subversion server (like Subversion client).

If you have issue following this, please post your current TeamCity configurations screenshots, including VCS root settings and also note connection settings to your Subversion server.

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Teamcity 6.5.6
Visualstudio 2008

I couldn't connect to my SVN repository located in Server, from Teamcity installed in Local machine.

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Find the attached error file

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You're trying to access Subversion repository via network shared folder.
Correct syntax for this protocol is


Bu this is not recommended approach.
Tou need to setup Subversion server and access it by SVN or HTTP network protocol.

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