Build results just shows result of last code inspection XML file imported

Hi All,

I have a build that does two types of code inspection.  One generates a checkstyle XML file and another generates a JSLint XML file.

In the Build Configuration - Build Steps I have an XML Report Processing step to import each of these.  Checkstyle is first, then JSLint.

Currently, Checkstyle generates 365 errors, 0 warnings and JSLint generates 0 errors, 140 warnings.

When I view the status of the build, the result I see is "Errors: 0, warnings: 140, information: 0" which is the status of the last XML file procesed.

I expect for the result to be the overall result of all inspections added up -- eg. "Errors: 365, warnings: 140, information: 0".

Is this is bug?  If not, is there a way to do what I want here?


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Hello, Chris,

Does the Code inspection build results tab show all inspection results?
I've created an issue in our issues tracker, please have  a look.


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