Problem in the My Changes tab in TeamCity 6.5.5

In the TeamCity Build configuration, after successful execution of the build, I have checked the My Changes tab to view the changes I have made.

FIle Changes along with the fully qualified path is getting displayed when I click on "View change details" link in "Changes" tab.

Now, if the path of the file say:


is changed to:


this change is not reflected when I check again in TeamCity "View change details" link in "Changes" tab.

It's extremely misleading, since moving the file is part of the change. In fact, this list of changes gives me the impression that if I renamed a file, but did not change its contents, it would not be listed at all. That would also be bad.

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What version control do you use?

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We are using IBM RTC v3.0.1 and defined our customized teamcity-rtc plugin to get connected to the repository.


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