Automatically build branches in SVN

Hi all,

Is there a way that I can tell TeamCity to automatically create a build configuration within a project when a new branch is created in SVN?
Then have that configuration be deleted when the branch is deleted/merged/tagged?

I am working in a team with a growing number of branches and I want to be able to build each of those branches in Teamcity, however it would be a bit of work to create a build configuration for every branch that a developer creates.
Is this possible to do with the current software package? Would it be possible to create a plugin to do this?


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Hi Ben

It's not supported out of the box yet, please vote for TW-4778.
Creating a custom plugin is an option, if you're experienced in Java development. Plugin API is documented here. Feel free to ask any questions on that.

Another approach would be to interact with TeamCity server by REST API. Methods to copy build configurations are being developed right now, and will be released with next version.
Right now you can preview it in unstable builds, please find details in TW-8394.


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Thankyou Michael, I have considered the possibility of building a plugin, however, time is a resource that I lack for now, so I'll probably wait until it is supported by Teamcity natively. I have upvoted the issue in YouTrack.


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