Remote Run build list appears to be empty


I just started using TeamCity and unfortunately I encountered a problem with remote run.

1) I'm using SVN for my VCS.
2) Build configuration is set up with "Checkout directory" and "Do not checkout files automaticly".
3) I'm using IntelliJ 11 with TeamCity plugin. I have set up projects so I can trigger a build.
4) When I click on Changes -> Default -> right click -> Remote Run and select all files and then I click "Remote run...".
5) In Remote Run window: "Select Builds to Verify" I cannot see any builds :( - it's empty list.

I *have* configured VCS root in my TeamCity build configuration and this VCS root is identical to the local checked out branch where my changes are.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I figured out the issue. Turns out that "Do not checkout files automatically" does not work. Once I changed it to "check out on server" I saw the builds. If anyone can explain why "Do not checkout files automatically" does not work would be great.


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