Problem to get sources from one git repo

Error collecting changes for VCS repository '"c1tron" {instance id=3675, parent internal id=963, parent id=ContentAccuracyAndRelevancy_DistributionChannel_DcExt_C1tron, description: "ssh://"}'
'git fetch' command failed.
stderr: Out of memory loading unknown object
stdout: remote: Compressing objects: 1%
remote: Compressing objects: 2%


Is anyone have get inti this problem ?

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As discussed in email thread, please try to set "teamcity.git.fetch.process.max.memory=1024M" internal property. If it does not help, then try to increase memory (teamcity.git.fetch.process.max.memory) even further, e.g up to 2048M. For this to work you need to use 64-bit java on TeamCity server.


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