Can the "Issues Tab" show the Jira Status instead of a computed value?

hi! is there a way to configure the Issues Tab so that it shows the actual Jira Status field as opposed to a computed value?

Specifically, when an item has status=Resolved, our panel shows "Complete" or "Fixed", which is our Jira's Resolution field value.

Also, it does show Green when the item is newly resolved, but since the word "resolved" doesn't appear anywhere,

if the above can't be fixed then perhaps we can have a cosmetic bug to add an asterisk to clarify.

Finally, I did find the url to use for the Teamcity ticket system, but I'm not sure when we should post there vs here.

thank you!

//edit 11110Thu12:51:57 to add URL for bug tracker.

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I wonder if the problem here is that TeamCity must support many issue / bug trackers.
Each one might have different settings.

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There are two similar fields in JIRA: "status" and "resolution". In most cases "resolution" is more clear for the users, so it overwrites the "status".
Right now there is no way to configure it. Could you please share what is "status" and "resolution" in your case and what do you prefer to see?


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thank you Maxim. I think again this should be documented better, but now that I grok it I am ok.

1.We use Jira for ITS, and your Status field is showing our Resolution, despite the fact we have a Status field.
Here are some typical pairs;
Status           Resolution
     Resolved    Duplicate   
     Closed      Complete     
     Closed      Will Not Fix   
     Resolved    Complete     
     Closed      Cannot Reproduce       
     Closed      Duplicate

2.The "green" part is similarly confusing as I mentioned above. Thus despite that we have such a "resolved" field, and you are using it, it is shown under "status".

3.We actually care about both things;
Resolved is set by the implementor.
Status is changed to closed when qa is done.
So QA would prefer to see both pieces of data, but since the build is more for dev, it makes sense to focus on that.

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I see your point. I've created the issue on this matter.
Please feel free to add more and vote.



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